Max LuLu Rudens Mados Korėjos Atsitiktinis Gėlių Ponios Džinsai Laisvi Pledas Darbo Drabužiai Moterims Derliaus Džinsinio Audinio Kelnės Negabaritinių Streetwear

Prieinamumas: Yra sandėlyje

SKU: r116

€36.14 €28.55

Mados Korėjos Derliaus Džinsinio Audinio Pledas Gėlių Darbo Drabužiai


Vienas Dydis: Liemuo 110+, Klubų 160+, Ilgis 120





Medžiaga PoliesterisMetų 2020 m.Stilius derliausAudinio Tipas MinkštiklisModelio Numeris 182149Juosmens Tipas VIDURIOPlauti VidutinisApdaila SplicedAmžius Amžius 18-35 MetųTinka Tipas LaisvasIlgis Full LengthKilmės KN(Kilmės)Džinsų Stilius Darbo drabužiaiDizainas KorėjiečiųPrekės Pavadinimas Max LuLuDydis One SizeUždaryti Tipas RaišteliuSezonas Rudenį

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Masterharrywang 2020-12-21

I really liked the suit. It came with lightning. 1000 stars. Thank you. Prosperity. I have 54 size. height 164 cm.

Rollermanx45 2021-01-15

Hi the jumpsuit is really nice. thank you. the straps are the right length. However on the left side of the joining piece in the front, the fabric is inverted in. but it is wearble. thanks again

Ntaha Vredina 2020-10-16

The combination can be worn as a Sarafan, if not fastened with buttons. quality is good, jeans are soft, dense. On the growth of 162-midi, exactly as in the picture. Thank you, I like it!

Bxistriate 44 2021-02-12

Overalls perfectly sits, the quality of tailoring at a high level! Netalny jeans, there was a little smell, but already washed and I hope after drying everything will be fine. I went to Russian 50-52 size, but I think that also at 54 will do. On my height 158 cm. Almost on the ankle. The straps from the shoulders do not fall off, the style of the oversize, will suit both thin and lush. The most interesting thing is that this overall can be worn by a Sarafan! Just do not need to buckle the buttons at the bottom, which make the overalls trousers. I am happy with the purchase and definitely recommend to order! Thank you to the seller for the quality goods and fast delivery! Good luck and prosperity!

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